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The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts will hold its first opening reception of the year tonight, Monday, Jan. 9, from 5 to 7 p.m., at 527 N. Patterson Street. The Center will feature the 16th Annual DrawProject; the 4th Annual Regional Artists Community Exhibit; and Sheila Goloborotko’s “Many Resilient Things,” a collection of sculpture, printmaking, and installation art works. Admission is free.

Artworks donated by area artists to the DrawProject fundraiser are auctioned at this annual event to support art scholarships at Valdosta State University. An online auction platform will be used for bidding and paired with a physical exhibition at the Turner Center. For more information and to see continually updated information for the bidding process and links, visit

The Regional Artists Community (RAC) provides opportunities for local artists to show and sell their works of art. The 4th annual RAC exhibit is just one of the places this is made possible. This year’s exhibit will feature thirty regional artists, each of whom will be showcasing two pieces. To learn more about the opportunities provided to RAC members or to join the community, visit

“Many Resilient Things” by Sheila Goloborotko will feature three-dimensional works of art with a focus in sculpture, printmaking, and installation art. The artist is an Associate Professor of Printmaking at the University of North Florida and has her own studio in Jacksonville, FL. In a statement about her upcoming exhibit, Goloborotko said “I gather forms I have made in the past, augment them, and rearrange them — and in the process, find new meanings…When grouped together as they are here, they start to tell a story, but one that is not epic or strives to impress; rather, to my eyes, all these objects hold space for the discarded, the abandoned, and the lost.” She continued, saying “Over the last couple of years, I have had time to ruminate on humans as a species and how we rebuild after a crisis. Even throughout all the difficult predicaments, I came to the conclusion that, ultimately, we are resilient more than we are broken. Nature, too, wants to persist—no matter what we do to her. Exploring such complexities with commonplace materials, during a time when all of us feel broken, has convinced me that all is not lost.”

All exhibits will remain open in the galleries and on the Turner Center website for the public’s enjoyment through Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023. For more information, call 229.247.2787. Patrons who need special assistance may contact the Center to make those arrangements.