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Levitt AMP Valdosta Music Series

August 17-October 19, 2023 | 7 – 9 PM
Turner Center Art Park | 605 N. Patterson Street
Interested musicians contact Sementha Mathews at

The Levitt AMP Valdosta Music Series will enliven our Valdosta community by offering more opportunities for our residents and guests to enjoy the power of music in the beautiful South Georgia outdoors, more particularly in the arts district and on the Turner Center for the Arts Campus. The surrounding Turner Center Campus provides opportunities throughout the day to enrich people’s lives with all forms of art activities; and by night, the Center has been known to host concerts and other cultural events within the art galleries.

The Levitt AMP Valdosta Music Series provides a different vibe, a more casual, family-friendly experience in the outdoors that is completely free. Located on a partially developed piece of land, of which features a majestic tree canopy to shelter patrons from the heat, our aspirations include more concerts that create memorable life experiences for the people in our community. There is great potential for the proposed venue as it is surrounded by a good mix of neighborhoods, businesses, government, education, healthcare, nonprofit organizations, and people of all ages from all walks of life that have expressed their pleasure with free community events and the need for more of them. Because, when they come together for these free concerts in the park everyone is equal. Everyone has access. Everyone is included. There is nothing to purchase, no reserved seating, or anything else that would signify status between people. In the Art Park, we are a commUNITY of people gathering for great music under the South Georgia pines.

About the Series

The Levitt AMP Valdosta Music Series is supported in part by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, which partners with towns and cities across America to activate underused public spaces through the power of free live music, creating welcoming, inclusive destination. Presenting a broad array of music genres and cultural programming, Levitt venues and concert sites are community anchors where families, friends and neighbors of all ages and backgrounds come together. Learn more at