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Jo-Ann Adams a RAC artist

JoAnn Adams

I’ve lived in a small rural town called Quitman in South Georgia most of my life, though born in Massachusetts. I am married and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Professionally, I taught High School art for 25 years and recently retired to JUST PAINT! I love it and hope my new career is a success.

Living in the country has created memories for me that are so funny (and scary) to look back on. We had all types of farm animals and a garden. We even had a pet racoon named Charlie! I now am living memories through my children and grandchildren, and hope they avoid some of the things I did! My artworks are a sort of documentation of my experiences…oh the stories they tell!

My media of choice is watercolor and acrylic. However; I do drawings in pencil and charcoal. I use a traditional style with an Impressionistic flair. I LOVE color! I do more realistic paintings abstracted by color choices. Color has meaning for me by expressing the joy I feel about making art and the memories I have about the subject.

Jessica Akins

Colette Allah

Amy Aronson

Dana Arthur

Linda Brooks

Cheryl Carvajal headshot

Cheryl Carvajal

I wrote my first play when I was around six, and I’ve been writing plays ever since. I’ve had plays produced in several states, was co-founder of the Tazwood Community Theatre in Eureka, Illinois, wrote for the William Inge Center for the Arts in Independence, Kansas, and was one of the first members of the Seattle Playwrights Collective. I’ve been a huge fan of Shakespeare ever since the ninth grade, when I saw “Taming of the Shrew” and “The Tempest” at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Over the last decade, though, I’ve ventured into writing novels for a YA audience. With three degrees in English (the doctorate concentrated in medieval and renaissance English literature), I’ve taught English at the college level for 18 years, until very recently. Now I teach Humanities and English in Valdosta, Georgia. Mostly, though, I do all I can to write!

Taylor Cheatham-Winston

Lora Cofield

Annette Crosby

From a very age, Annette was interested in art. The early mentoring she received from her high school art teachers encouraged her to pursue the development of her artistic talents in both undergraduate and graduate art education studies. Having earned a BFA in art education from Valdosta State University, she then completed her MEd in Elementary Education. This culminated in her employment as an art educator at Valdosta Middle School in 1977. At this point in her career, she concentrated on raising her family while still volunteering art instruction in the public schools. She began painting as an extension of her photography. Now painting is her passion.

The widespread acceptance of her art includes recognition with numerous awards in juried competitions in local, state and national shows, as well as being published in The Palette Magazine. She exhibits and markets her work with five fellow artists at a private gallery, Artists on Ashley in downtown Valdosta, Georgia. Last year she had an exhibit in the contemporary gallery at the Albany Museum of Art. Other recent show venues include the Firehouse Arts Center in Bainbridge, GA; Glynn Art Association in Saint Simons Island, GA; Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, GA and Goodyear Cottage in Jekyll Island, GA. Her artistic focus is painting landscapes and non-objective painting using a variety of color, shape, form, line and textures.

Ellen Driggers

Harold Fleming

Faye Fletcher

First and foremost, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ very much. I want more than anything for my life to be pleasing to Him. It is my deepest desire to show the Love of Jesus to people with whom I come into contact. I want to be that light.

I have been sharing the Joy of Painting since 2002, when i followed her dream and became a Certified Ross Instructor in all areas. Since then, I’ve had over 5,000 students in my classes. That’s a lot of happy trees! Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to run painting classes at Bob Ross booths and panels at events such as SXSW, TwitchCon Europe, and instructed a class of over 200 students at TwitchCon 2019.

My most recent travels were to teach at the Bob Ross Experience in Muncie, Indiana in Bob’s own recording studio, the Smithsonian in Washington DC, to assist in classes there, and she teaches a few times a year at the Bob Ross Experience in Muncie, Indiana.

I have taught online classes for museums, PBS stations and private individuals and small groups. Whether the class be large or small, in person or online, I considers it an honor to share Bob’s legacy through gentle, patient and fun instruction.

Anita Gillis

I’m a 41-year-old mom and rug hooking artist. I have a background in retail and graphic art. I was also a junior trainee at Northern McGown Workshop. I focus on learning everything I can about rug hooking so I can help you on your journey. I dye, color plan, customize patterns, and provide video tutorials and personal lessons in my home or through the web camera. I also sell kits, wool, and more.

Valencia Gunn

Jessica Harvey

Cassie Hiers

Richard Hill

Phyliss Hoyt

Papo Indergaard

Emma Kostopolus

Stephen Leon

Teresa Middleton

Pat Otto

I grew up in Charlton, a rural community in Massachusetts. The attic in my home held treasures of canvas painted by Belle Vesey, my grandmother who passed away before I was born. The canvases were portraits and scenes of Boston and Concord in the Spring. The landscapes evoked my imagination of a grand lady in Victorian dress painting in the garden.

I am mainly self-taught but an avid workshop participant, always wanting to learn and grow. I completed the Famous Artist School course out of Westport, Connecticut, majoring in portraits.

I now reside in Georgia with my husband Mickey, enjoying the weather, flowers, grandchildren, church, many painting groups and teach at my home studio in Valdosta.

Hunter Pope

Hunter Pope

Elisa Ray

I am a landscape photographer who enjoys capturing sunsets, the beach and all nature related scenes. I also enjoy taking pictures of historic downtown areas and old buildings, and use my photography skills on the job as a real estate agent taking pictures of property listings.

Diane Rogers

Becky Rucki

Becky V. Rucki, owner of BV Studio Designs, is an Environmental Creativity Educator, painter and fiber Artisan living in south Georgia with her husband and two children. Her style reflects the solace and restorative reprieve of family escapes to mountain creek campsites through impressions of flowing landscapes, swirling, soft, earthy palettes, and subtle streaks of sunlight. Becky traces her artistic influence to the eras of Impressionism and Expressionism, as well as the Artisans of the lost arts and environmental creativity of her rural heritage. As an heirloom Artisan, Becky seeks to Encourage, Empower, and Equip the next generation of Creatives as world changers.

Julia Wynn Safer

Sara Ann Schutt

Lanell Shen

Qiheng Shen

Julie Barnes Smith

Karen Stewart

A photo of artist Lori Ann Sweet

Lori Ann Sweet

It is hard to imagine a time when a pencil or paintbrush was not in my hands. From the beginning, one was destined to create and to pursue passion in art. My paintings and drawings reflect the journey and interests one has experienced over the course of a lifetime. After becoming a recipient of both an MFA and a BFA, School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY; one gained more conviction in developing an underlying motivation to create and appreciation for nature’s beauty. Jacksonville, FL has engaged me in many visual arts organizations, illustrating several children’s books, and pursuing plein air painting. My color pallet has changed depicting from living in Norther Eastern, PA to Jacksonville Florida’s. spectrum of colors and lights.

Active with First Coast Plein Air Painters, Jacksonville Coalition for Visual Arts, St. Augustine Art Association, and Pines & Palms Art Association. These organizations have opened doors to exhibit in multiple galleries and winning several awards. My background includes longevity’s teaching for Penn State University, MMI Preparatory School, Diocese of Scranton, Suffolk Community College, and Ferris State University. Coinciding with teaching I have been professionally illustrating for prominent clients and newspaper syndicates. One continues to pursue art with passion.

Rick Szymanski

Having enjoyed photography of all kinds for over 55 years, for the past 15 years, I have focused on birds more than any other subject. Learning their habits, lifestyle patterns and favorite locations has lead to the capture of some great images.

Seeking ways to further develop images, I explored the growing number of digital art filters and drawing tools available. Seeing the artistic enhancement that can be made using these new tools, I chose to move beyond the technical – moment in time photograph, and turn the best images into home decor works of art.

All the my works began life as a photograph capturing the subject in nature. From land, wading in the waters to kayaking their to feeding and gathering areas, I have collected images that are great candidates to take to the next level.

Selected images are processed using art filtering software to achieve a softer rendering of the original image. Additional adjustments and enhancements are then made using digital sketching and painting software create a stunning artistic representation of the original work. When finalized my work is printed on canvas which is then frame stretched to make a final print ready for mounting.

I continue to experiment with using post processing techniques and CNC software to produce 3D representations of photographs in wood. For now pets have been the most popular subject but always looking to expand. I share my photograph and other works on Instagram at Wren_Works_LLC


Mitchell Tatar

Chrisy Taylor

A pair of glasses. . . when I was 9. I could finally see all the things I didn’t know I was missing. That’s all it took to inspire me to want to re-create the world around me in vivid detail. I am Chrisy Taylor, an artist; located in South Georgia. I specialize in all forms of art using acrylic paint and a brush. My work can be found displayed in private galleries all over the world. The only thing I love more than creating art, is spending time with the family I created with my husband. We have three children and several grandchildren; our greatest works of art.

My work can best be described as whimsical; a connection to the past and the present. I love the shadows as I love the light. It’s somewhere in between the two that you can almost literally feel the heartbeat of the brushstrokes on the medium before me. You see, I believe that creativity comes from God. It is my calling to use it to glorify Him. People often ask me which of my work is my favorite. My answer is always the same. My next one. Are you interested in a commissioned work of art? If so, reach out. Welcome to Chrisy Taylor Creations.

Susan Tyler

I am a local artist and have my artist studio in my home in Hahira, GA, where I paint commissioned portraits of people and animals. I also paint commissioned still life and landscape paintings. The mediums that I use are oil, pastel, and charcoal. I have studied and use the classical method with impressionistic touches in my paintings. I love to capture the “soul” inside of a person or animal in the portraits that I paint, and have many years of experience in painting portraits from life and from photos. Please view my Facebook page, “Uniquely Yours Portraits and Art by Susan Harris Tyler” where you can see more examples of my work and can contact me.

Shani Voyer

Susan Wehling

Brandon Wiggins

Rebecca Yancey