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Kamryx Davis, an Interdisciplinary Studies student at Valdosta State University, has been exploring various artistic fields since childhood.

Davis has been a guitar student at the Turner Center for the Arts for nearly a year, taking classes through The Hal & Jill Project: Beginning Guitar Lessons. When asked why she decided to learn guitar, Davis said, “Guitar is my instrument of choice because I want to play an instrument that doesn’t require me to blow on it to produce sound – and I was inspired by the many cool guitar riffs I’ve heard.”

Davis recalls being artistic and creative from childhood, and said that her parents supported her interests by displaying her creations. Fashion and drawing were two of her earliest areas of art exploration. She says that over time, her interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) related fields grew – including wearable technology, interactive art, 3D printed pieces, and art made with computer programming. Today, her interests have expanded to include these and a variety of other artistic fields, including ceramics, painting, and culinary arts.

Kamryx Davis with her guitar during The Hal & Jill Project: Beginning Guitar Lessons.

In her daily life, Davis says that she still enjoys drawing, as well as completing projects in knitting, computer art, and other artistic fields. She has used her passion for fashion to design and create some of her own clothes. A pillow Davis created using Adobe Illustrator for design, cyanotype processes, and sewing was on display in the Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery at Valdosta State University during a student exhibit competition. Davis’ involvement in the arts also extends to attending other events on the Turner Center’s campus, including the groundbreaking ceremony for the Children’s Imagination Station, a SCORE Music Appreciation Concert, and a Music in the Art Park Concert.

When asked what she would say to someone else who is interested in becoming involved with the arts, Davis said “I would tell them to participate in programs such as The Hal & Jill Project: Beginning Guitar Classes. Unlike in many art classes at school, you don’t have to worry about your teacher not liking your artwork, getting a bad grade, and your GPA being affected; these programs are for fun and to learn. Plus, you can have projects to show off and put in your portfolio for colleges and jobs.” She also said “For people who are interested in becoming involved with the arts, gain exposure to and try out different arts to see what you like.” She recommends finding a type of art piece that interests you, learning about it, and then trying to re-create it – or learning to play a song you enjoy listening to. “Art is both a skill and a talent, so you don’t need to be a natural to be involved with the arts,” Davis advised.

The Hal & Jill Project: beginning Guitar Lessons meets on Thursday evenings, from 5-6pm. Scholarships are available for classes and guitars. To learn more about this class and many other options to explore the arts, visit, or contact the Turner Center at 229.247.2787.