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“Are you a musician, or are you in the music business? Because there is a difference.” This quote, attributed to the American rock band Kiss, resembles the direction that a newly formed networking group has taken in serving South Georgia’s entertainment industry.

Led by local musicians Lloyd Carter (Lloyd Carter Band) and Aaron Strickland (Naturally Southern), South Georgia Entertainers brings musicians of all ages and experience levels together monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at the Turner Center for the Arts, in Valdosta, to discuss key industry issues, regional opportunities available, and ways to support one another.

Derrick Dove, who drove from Tifton, Ga., to be at the inaugural meeting in August, is a full time musician married to a school teacher. “I’ve played with everyone in this room before,” said Dove, acknowledging the camaraderie that exists in the music and entertainment industry that builds community.

SGE is for entertainers only. It is not a public event; however, the results of the network is expected to have a positive regional impact.

Henry McGill has been playing music since the age of 7. With a degree in Pharmacy, music was his backup plan. McGill founded the River Band in the early 90’s. “It’s incredible to come together with all of you and have these conversations,” said McGill at the meeting. “We have all these resources. Why don’t we lean on each other more, and in the process we can accomplish so much more?”

The next SGE meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 13, from 6-8 p.m., at the Turner Center for the Arts, at 527 N. Patterson Street. For more information, visit, or contact Carter at or Strickland at