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South Georgia Entertainers Help Create Networks and Industry Growth

The South Georgia Entertainers will meet on Tuesday, June 13, from 6-8 p.m., at the Turner Center for the Arts located at 527 N. Patterson Street. SGE is led by local musicians Lloyd Carter (Lloyd Carter Band) and Aaron Strickland (Naturally Southern) and meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, unless otherwise noted. The group brings musicians of all ages and experience levels together to discuss key industry issues, regional opportunities available, and ways to support one another.

Rob Mason will be the guest speaker. He has been playing in bands since his teenage years, and has been in entertainment most of his adult life including owning and managing a full-time mobile DJ company and owning a nightclub, but playing classic rock music as a guitarist is what he loves most.

Mason will present and discuss his new invention/teaching device, GuitarKord, that he recently developed. “GuitarKord was invented because many friends and family said they wish they could play guitar with me but wanted to be able to play in a few minutes without all the hard work of learning how to play,” said Mason. “GuitarKord uses the strength of 4 fingers and is a lot easier to play the chords. The complete learning system online video lessons start by teaching chord change timing and strumming patterns using the device. The student progresses from the device to using finger chords without the device and playing complete songs in a very short period of time.”

SGE is for entertainers only. It is not a public event; however, the results of the network is expected to have a positive regional impact. For more information, visit, contact Carter at, or Strickland at

Aaron Strickland, Naturally Southern, speaks to members of South Georgia Entertainers.