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I am inspired from my observation of people and places throughout northeastern Florida. Open air painting allows me an opportunity not only to observe wildlife up close in their natural habitats but, also study natural elements, their relationships and embody that experience while creating. Florida’s wildlife has greatly impacted and changed the colors of my palate as well as the mood and composition in my paintings and drawings. Depending on the lighting for the day, it changes mood and energy in my artwork.  This has influenced my work in utilizing texture and the impasto method to capture the ongoing movement of light as well as the substance of the contents. When the paintings are completed, you can see fragmented layers of colors that appear to be Impressionistic. The motion created in each work of art is part of my signature.

Many of the paintings and drawings have been influenced by ancient Asian art.  The paintbrush works like a stick or pencil. Linear lines frequently cover the surface. The content in the painting is not accidental and often is used to represent something more symbolic in the art. This allows the artwork to have more conviction and tell an allegory. For example, when I am painting rivers or the ocean and concentrating on the movement, I am consciously aware of the symbolism water has. Water can represent change, moving forward, and overcoming.