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“Youth Art Month” Lesson Plan


Grade: (K-5) Elementary School
Subject Area: Visual Arts
Topic/Theme: Jeep Adventure

Students will be able to:

  • Create a work of art by designing their own jeep and background using line, shape and form.
  • Create a background based on a biome of their choice and fill the space with color.
  • Utilize one-point perspective by creating a vanishing point, a horizon line, and two diagonal, perspective lines.
State Standards
  • VA1. CR.2a Create works of art emphasizing one or more elements of art and/or principles of design.
  • VA1. CN.2a Explore universal concepts (e.g. self, family, community, world) inspired by other subject areas.
  • VA1. CR.3e Explore spatial relationships.
  • Space: The area above, around and within an object.
  • Biomes: a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g. forest or tundra.
  • One-point perspective: a mathematical system for representing three-dimensional objects. Has one vanishing point, a horizon lines and perspective lines.

Activity Setting: Classroom


Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Introduce the two videos on Biomes and the jeep community. Ask students to name different types of biomes and decide where they might would like their jeep to travel. It could be the desert, the rainforest, the beach, etc. Go over vocabulary terms and discuss one-point perspective.

On the 9 x 12 paper have student follow along with a pencil and begin drawing their jeep. For K-2 it may be beneficial for them to draw using a template as a guide. Once finished, outline your jeep with a black marker and color your jeep in using crayons.

On the 12 x 18 paper, with a pencil, have students draw a vanishing point on the center of their paper. Next, have students draw a horizon line right through their vanishing point. Then, Have students draw two diagonal lines that run off of their paper to create the road, these are called perspective lines. The students may now decide which Biome they are going to choose for their jeep adventure. They will draw this with crayon or pencil and then fill in color with watercolor paint or can be modified with crayons.

Next, have students cut out their jeeps and glue onto their backgrounds. Students now have their jeep adventure! You can also have the students write a few sentences on the back of their artwork of the name of their jeep and where they are going on their adventure!