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In 1967, while “exploring” my grandparents attic, I discovered a Kodak Duaflex camera in an old box. Since I wasn’t allowed to use the family Polaroid Land Camera that my father bought in 1955 I began using the Kodak that shot 120 roll film (square format photos). I carried this camera everywhere and even took photos through the eyepiece of my small telescope. In 1970 my parents gave me a Yashica Electro 35 – 35 mm camera for Christmas and I was in heaven. I ended up, more or less by default, being the High School Annual photographer. I also got involved with the local newspaper. Each month the newspaper had a photograph of a high school senior girl on the front page as the calendar girl. One day the editor of the newspaper asked me to select a senior each month to be the model. I let it be known what task I had been given and I quickly learned the power of such a position. I became one of the most popular guys in the school. What a start in photography.

My interests are in photography are sports, military, travel, landscapes and people. I have had my work published in magazines, newspapers, calendars and billboards. My first time placing in a photography contest was while I was in medical school – it was a 3rd place finish for the Children’s Miracle Network over 30 years ago. I am now working on a book of black and white photographs. My friends and in particular my wife, Debra, can’t understand why I carry 30 pounds of camera equipment on every trip we take. I think it is worth it but they seem to take better photos with their new, souped-up iPhones.

My real job is psychiatry and I think that is why I tend to gravitate towards people and in particular black and white. It is said that color excites the senses and if this is true I believe that black and white excites the emotions. Monochrome leaves more to the imagination and leave more open to individual interpretation