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Anda Chance, an accomplished artist, considers education to be her true career.

Chance instructs monthly colored pencil classes at the Turner Center for the Arts. Classes are beginner friendly, and students will learn color pencil skills and a deep appreciation for and understanding of pencils as a fine art medium. When asked about what a colored pencil class includes, Chance said “My classes focus on the basics of art, color theory, composition, and expression. I prefer students bring in their own ideas so that we can explore them together.”

Several colored pencil students were given the opportunity to share their experience in Chance’s classes at the Turner Center. First time student Randy Faulkner said “Anda is pleasant, knowledgeable and understanding….I’d welcome the opportunity to learn drawing from her again,” and Gail Eggleton stated “I enjoy the class very much, very informative…I plan on attending all classes. Very happy with the teacher, can’t wait for next class.” Recurring student Robert Emond said “Anda Chance is a great artist and a tremendous teacher. She meets you where you’re at in your experience level to give advice or demonstrate the skill to get you to the next level. I’ve never had a better teacher nor tutor.”

Chance has always enjoyed making art, and said that “Colors, patterns, and the visual world have always been a joy for me.” Her work in both watercolors and colored pencil has been exhibited in galleries and other art exhibitions and has also been purchased for government locations and charitable fundraisers. In addition to showing her own work, Chance also curates and installs art shows and exhibitions for galleries, art groups, public exhibitions, and individual artists. She works with the Live Oak Art Guild, and as an Exhibitions Director for the Colored Pencil Society of America. Chance also holds two signature recognitions from the Colored Pencil Society of America and won an honorable mention in the 2024 Southeast Region exhibit. Her other artistic affiliations include the Florida Art Group (FLAG), the Gainesville Fine Art Association, the Ann Kullberg Colored Pencil Magazine, and numerous awards.

Although highly accomplished, Chance said “Art is not a career for me.  It is purely a joyful pastime…I considered education as my career.” She attended Arkansas Technical University majoring in Art and Art Education, and then went onto earn a degree in K-12 Education at Florida Southern College, with a certification in Art and Gifted. Artistically, Chance also learned from both college level and private art instruction, as well as from peers and workshops. She said that she has spent endless hours in a studio and is always reaching for inspiration and the next best artwork. When Chance was asked what she considered to be her greatest accomplishment, she said “My greatest accomplishment is my work with art organizations – local, regional and national – to promote the visual arts and encourage those who want to pursue art, no matter their reason or skill level.”

Colored Pencil Classes meet on the second Saturday of each month, 1-3pm, at the Turner Center for the Arts. To learn more about this class and many other options to explore the arts, visit, or contact the Turner Center at 229.247.2787.