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Jo-Ann Adams a RAC artist


I’ve lived in a small rural town called Quitman in South Georgia most of my life, though born in Massachusetts. I am married and have three children and seven grandchildren. Professionally I taught high school art for 25 years and recently retired to JUST PAINT!  I love it and hope my new career is a success.


Living in the country has created memories for me that are so funny (and scary) to look back on. We had all types of farm animals and a garden. We even had a pet raccoon named Charlie! I now am living memories through my children and grandchildren, and hope they avoid some of the things I did! My artworks are a sort of documentation of my experiences…oh, the stories they tell! My media of choice is watercolor and acrylic; however, I do drawings in pencil and charcoal. I use a traditional style with an Impressionistic flair. I LOVE color! I do more realistic paintings abstracted by color choices. Color has meaning for me by expressing the joy I feel about making art and the memories I have about the subject.