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Artist in Residence

Studio Space | Turner Center Annex
601 N. Patterson Street

The Turner Center’s Artist Residency program began in 2020 and each year, talented local and/or regional artists take up residence at The Center to develop works that challenge, educate, entertain, and enrich the cultural art experience at the Turner Center.

The Center provides artists with time and space to focus on developing their practice in a communal environment that encourages experimentation and connections with Center patrons, students, visitors and other artists. Artists-in-Residence share their creative process with the community through workshops, studio tours and artist talks.

For additional information or to review application process, contact Bill Shenton, Turner Center Curator, at 229.247.2787 or

Artist-in-Residence Application

Meet Annette Crosby

“As the Artist-in-Residence, I am grateful for the resourceful space that the Turner Center provides me that inspires me to create. I am proud to serve the Turner Center by pouring myself into my paintings, teaching art to our patrons, and networking with my peers—all of which strengthens me into a more well-rounded artist.”