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2018 Summer Art Classes Descriptions

Mixed Media Menagerie
June 4-8          10 am-noon                ages: 7-12                   cost: $60

This ever-changing class with Rena Taylor gives students the opportunity to create a variety of art pieces using a wide variety of art media and processes such as painting-with-markers, drawing, 3-D sculptures, weaving in-the-round, and more.

Perky Paintings
June 4-8          1 pm – 3 pm               ages: 7-12                   cost: $60

Students will explore and create paintings of all types in this fun class with Rena Taylor. They will use a variety of painting media and techniques while creating multiple paintings on paper and canvas.

A World of Clay
June 5,7,8,12,14                     10 am – noon             ages: 5-12       cost: $60
June 19, 21, 22, 26, 28          10 am – noon             ages: 5-12       cost: $60
July 10,12,13,17,19                10 am – noon             ages: 5-12       cost: $60

Julie Barnes Smith will inspire students to explore clay and the many ways it can be used. Hand building sessions will be geared to students’ interest, their knowledge, skills and personal experiences. Projects will be created using and building upon those skills so that each session will be unique in its approach to clay and the resulting projects.

String Weaving
June 11-15          10 am – noon         ages: 6-10      
cost: $70 (students keep loom)
June 11-15          1 pm – 3 pm            ages: 11-14      cost: $70 (students keep loom)

In this class with Cheryl Jowers, students will use string (and other fibers) to create wall art.  They will learn basic weaving terms and how to set up two looms – one of which they will take home to use over and over again. Students will also explore other ways of using string and the weaving-scraps by creating string collages and string paintings.

Traveling Through Mixed Media
June 18-22      10 am – noon             ages: 8-12      
cost: $60

Julie Skinner will take this mixed media class back to the 50s & 60s traveling scene. Projects such as a vintage camper painting on wood, a self-portrait postcard, and unique signage and destination sights in watercolor are just the beginning! Students will have fun planning a vacation through art!

Painting that Explore Distance
June 18-22    1 pm – 3 pm   ages: 8-12       cost: $60

Rebecca Waterman and her students will explore the concept of depth in artwork – how to make your art appear to have layers! Projects will include paintings where depth is created by ‘looking through” binoculars, floating in space, climbing into tunnels and other approaches to creating the illusion of depth in their paintings!?

June 25-29      10 am – noon             ages: 8-10      
cost: $60
June 25-29      1 pm – 3 pm               ages: 11-14     cost: $60

Fabric will be manipulated and used to create art in this tactile class with Cheryl Jowers.  Students will learn basic hand sewing terms and a few basic hand stitches. With those skills students will design and sew a stuffed art doll. They will also explore other ways of using fabric through collage and batik techniques.

Mixed Media Mania
July 9-13         10 am – noon             ages: 8-12       cost: $60

This fun-filled class with Alicia Bergeron is truly a mixed media mania! There will be painted paper collage, oil pastel and watercolor jelly fish, Fabulous Flamingos using newspaper and paint and print-making with markers.

Me and My World
July 9-13         1 pm – 3 pm               ages: 8-12       cost: $60

Students will get the chance to express themselves in several ways including an introduction to digital art. With the help of a camera and a computer, students will be able to insert themselves into a famous artwork, do a self-portrait, explore meaning in their own life and do a completely digital collage/self-portrait with teacher Rebecca Waterman.

Culinary & Etiquette Class
July 10-noon, lunch noon-12:30, Etiquette 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Ages: 8-12         Cost: $100 (includes all supplies and lunch)

Students will learn cooking techniques and terms to expand their knowledge of cooking and experience foods from different cultures. The students will enjoy each day’s kitchen creations for lunch, followed by etiquette instruction.

Exploring Color
July 16-20       10 am – noon             ages: 4-8         cost: $60
July 16-20       1 pm – 3 pm               ages: 9-12       cost: $60

Cheryl Jowers and her students will explore the color wheel to create art in this fun class.  They will learn basic color theory and the magic of mixing colors while exploring concepts like value, hue, and tone and how color makes them feel. Projects will be created using a variety of media so students can experience color through many sources.

Ongoing Ceramics Class for Ages 15+
The Hal & Jill Project

To download an application, click the following link –> Hal & Jill Scholarship Application.