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36th Annual Spring Into Art

The Annual Spring Into Art Exhibition provides visual artists of all skill levels an open invitation to participate in the region’s foremost art exhibition.
Exhibit is open for free public viewing through June 7, 2023.
Spring Into Art Gala, April 10 | 6-8pm – $45/ticket


Kat Chudy, Tallahassee, FL, “Anxiety Suit”

1st place: Ramiro Santillan, Valdosta, GA, “Suburban Visitor”
2nd place: Logan Dotson, Gainesville, FL, “Across the Street”
3rd place: Harry Ally, Valdosta, GA, “Seated Figure with Shape #3”

1st place: Taylor Gray, Valdosta, GA, “Thirty Minute Shower”
2nd place: Christine Flanagan, Live Oak, FL, “City Drug”
3rd place: Eli Rainwater, Valdosta, GA, “Tailgate Breakfast”

1st place: Zane Ally, Valdosta, GA, “Untitled I”
2nd place: Mike Tanner, Nicholls, GA, “Path on the River”
3rd place: Amanda Yates, Thomasville, GA, “Hanging Out When It’s Past Time to Go”

1st place: Amber Moore, Moultrie, GA “In Conversation”
2nd place: Barbara Balzer, Tallahassee, FL, “Van Gogh Never Owned a Dog”
3rd place: Julie Barnes Smith, Valdosta, GA, “Container Garden”

Suzanne Ally, Valdosta, GA, “Angels and Other Fallen Objects #2
Jennifer Clinard, Tallahassee, FL, “Fog on the Ecofina River
Harvie Ann Cox, Moultrie, GA, “Looking at Life Through Rose Colored Glasses
Yazmyne Franklin, Valdosta, GA, “Alaska Mountaintop
Taylor Gray, Valdosta, GA, “Renewal
Pong Holton, Douglas, GA, “Up Root
D. Arthur McBride, Havana, FL, “Avyanna
Coby Rice, Ray City, GA, “Visiting the Old Home Place
Dave Richards, Valdosta, GA, “Rough Around the Edges
Lance Wilkes, Valdosta, GA, “1966 Ford Bronco

Dr. Mike S. Chiang logotype

Randy and Susan Allison
Commercial Cleaning Industries, Inc.
John and Susan Dukes
Buddy and Lynn LaHood
Packaging Corporation of America
Sally Turner Querin
Stifel – Robert A. Goddard III, AIF, CFP
Thacker Dermatology
Susan A. Turner
Warren and Kelly Turner
The Valdosta Daily Times
Valdosta Insurance Services, Inc.

Dean Brooks
CJB Industries
Event Point
The Rev. Walter and Gail Hobgood
The Rev. Peter and Happy Ingeman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luke
Drs. Dennis and Patricia Marks
Carreen Shapiro
Jeani Synyard
Valdosta Commercial Doors
Valdosta Magazine
Mala Vallotton

Converse and Jill Bright
Will and Jane Burgsteiner
Colson Business Systems
Larry and Paula Carter
Ray and Peggy Chitty
Citizens Community Bank
Gloria Boyette Corker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Crago
Brad and Tina Folsom
John and Peggy Gayle
Dr. Lucy Greene
Hamilton Trust, Estate & Elder Law
Brantley and Barbara Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Lahr
Landis International, Inc.
Langdale Place
Dutton Miller
Phil and Margaret Mittiga
Cheryl and Jack Oliver
Carla Penny
Chuck Ramsey
Chuck and Sheila Roberts
Monique Sineath
Barbara T. Slocumb and Family
Allen and Roni Strickland
Steel’s Jewelry
Sunset Farm Foods, Inc.
Suzanne and Prentice Taylor
Valenti, Rackley & Associates, LLC
Nancy DeRuyter Warrn
Wells Fargo Advisors

Important Dates:

Spring Into Art Ends – Wednesday, June 7
Artwork will remain on display until 6pm on June 7.

Art Pickup* – Thursday & Friday, June 8 & 9
All works must be picked up from the Turner Center on Thursday, from 10am – 6pm or Friday, from 10am – 4pm. Works selected for the Colson Calendar will be ready for pickup at a later date (selected artists will be notified). *Artwork not collected by August 9, 2023 will be forfeited to the Turner Center and possibly discarded.

1. An artist may enter one or two original works of his/her own creation (no reproductions).
2. An artist must complete an entry form and pay the $40 or $60 entry fee by Thursday, March 23, 2023.
3. All works must be offered for sale. Prices should include a 30% commission that will be paid to AHTCA for works sold during, or as a direct result of showing in this exhibit.
4. Artists must be 18 years or older to participate.
5. All works must have been created in the last two years and not previously shown at the AHTCA.
6. Two-dimensional works cannot exceed 61 inches in height or width, including the frame, and must be ready to hang by one point upon delivery.
7. Three-dimensional works must be stable and shall not exceed 90 pounds in weight.
8. Works that are exceptionally fragile, have wet paint, require special installation or electrical supply will not be accepted.
9. Absolutely no works may be removed from the show until after June 7, 2023.
10. The AHTCA reserves the right to reject any artwork or exclude from award consideration for rule infraction.