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Activity/Usage Report – July-September 2015

Daily Visitors: 3122 counted

July : 1089

August: 1006

September: 1027

Meetings: 9

Azalea Festival Committee: 7/14- 8/18-9/22

Center for the Arts Guild- 8/5- 9/2

New Board Orientation- 8/17

Finance Committee- 8/20-9/24

Public Art Advisory Committee- 8/20-9/17-9/24

LVAC Full Board Meeting- 8/24-9/28

Valdosta Symphony Guild Meeting- 9/16

Succession Planning Meeting: 9/23

Weekly Classes: 6 (average attendance listed)

Snake Nation Writers Group: 11

Monday Morning Pottery: 4

Monday Evening Pottery: 6

Tuesday Pottery: 3

Wednesday Pottery: 2

Single Meeting Classes: 8

5-7 year old Summer Pottery: 12

Kid’s Summer Etiquette Class: 10

Kid’s Summer Culinary Class: 14

8-10 year-old Summer Pottery: 14

Stifel iPad Seminar: 43

Crazed Canvas Palette Class: 15

Culinary Class with Sue Cox: 14

Saturday Kids’ Pottery Younger: 12

Saturday Kids’ Pottery Older: 2

Taylor County 4-H Culinary Class: 22

Receptions and Events:

Don Penny Gallery Talk: 70

Piano Recital: 21

City Photo Awards Reception: 34

Gallery Opening Reception: 178

Classical Guitar Concert: 74

American Soundtrack Vol. III: 285+

Snake Nation Poetry Reading Event: 42

Gallery Opening Reception: 137

Piano/Harpsicord Concert: 53

Bluegrass Expo: 47

Governor Honors Program Tour: 57

Valdosta Junior Service League Tour: 16

Learning in Retirement Tour: 13

Crossroads Baptist Retirees Tour: 28

Rental Events:

Southern Regional Commission Retirement

Event: 200+

Bridal Shower: 30

Media Outreach: Total for April-June 2015

Facebook: 1532– up 48 “likes” (people who follow our account)

Twitter: 649- Up 18 followers

Pinterest- 74 followers- up 5

EBlast: 117 new contacts, 3219 total contacts

Turner Center Website:

??1,141 Visits- Number of times site was visited

2,913 Pageviews

2.55 Pages/Visit- Avg. number of pages visited

54.08% Bounce Rate- Go to one page and leave

00:01:40 Avg. Time on Site

60.04% % New Visits – First time visitors

Lowndes-Valdosta Chamber Website:

The Lowndes-Valdosta Chamber measures referrals each month to help us know how the Chamber has promoted our business. Referrals include walk-ins, telephone and mail recommendations. Hits represent the number of times your business listing has been brought up on their Web site directory.

  • Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts has been referred 77 times since joining the Chamber.
  • Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts has 525 hits for the month of December.
  • Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts has 14411 hits since the beginning of the year.

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