Turner Center for the Arts Selects “Name the Sculpture” Winner

CONTACT: Meredith Nuckols
May 23, 2018
229-247-2787, ext. 127

On February 25, 2018, during the Youth Art Month reception the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts announced the Name the Sculpture contest. On the Webster Street side of the art center sits an amazing sculpture by artist Bob Coon. He named it Purple and Red Quantum Object, but the Turner Center gave students a chance to give it a more engaging name. Students submitted their ideas from February 25 until March 21.

Center for the Arts Guild members selected the winning name, Purple to the Max, which was submitted by two different students. Congratulations to ninth-grader Molly Schweitzer and sixth-grader Shardasha Simmons! Molly and Shardasha got their pictures taken in front of the sculpture and both received a gift certificate for a free class at the Turner Center.

For more information about the Turner Center, call or visit; 229-247-2787 / www.turnercenter.org / 527 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31601.


Arts, Inc. Performs Annual Recital at the Turner Center for the Arts

CONTACT: Meredith Nuckols
May 17, 2018
229-247-2787, ext. 127

On April 8, 2018, Arts, Inc. had their annual recital at the Turner Center for the Arts. Students played instruments including the violin, viola, piano and guitar. Through their partnership with the Turner Center, Arts, Inc. teaches music appreciation and instruction to youth in Lowndes and Brooks Counties, and further advances art education in our community and region.

The relationship between the Turner Center and Arts, Inc. stems back to early 1960, when Arts, Inc. was established as a school of the arts and the earliest cohesive promoter of the arts in our community.  The LVAC was chartered in 1962 as an outgrowth of Arts, Inc., reorganized in 1978 and then relocated in 2003 to its current location at 527 N. Patterson St. The Turner Center and Arts, Inc. continue to partner in their efforts to provide art education and enrichment to youth across our region.

For more information about art education, call or visit; 229-247-2787 / www.turnercenter.org / 527 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31601.


2018 Spring Into Art Award Winners

CONTACT: Meredith Nuckols
May 9, 2018
229-247-2787, ext. 127

Hundreds gathered on April 9 for the 31st annual Spring Into Art exhibition opening gala, hosted by the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts. Nearly 400 original works of art created by 212 artists were celebrated at the local and regional exhibition.

Selections for awards were based on a dual-judge review, which was conducted without respect to names, title or prices of the artists’ work. Five thousand dollars in cash prizes were awarded to the Best in Show and the top three selections in each category. Ten honorable mentions received free admission into the 2019 Spring Into Art exhibition. The judges also selected 27 works for merit award recognition.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Best In Show
Tom C. Davis III. Hahira, Ga. Inspired Sam Maloof. Cherry Wood.

Painting Category
1st Place:  Thomas M. Thomson. Havana, Fl. “Q”. Oil.
2nd Place:  Craig Hawkins. Valdosta, Ga. Rest. Oil.
3rd Place:  Steven S. Walker. Hahira, Ga. Drunk on Optimism. Oil.

Drawing/Printmaking/ Mixed Media Category
1st Place:  Suzanne Marcil. McAlpin, Fl. Let’s Party!. Colored Pencil.
2nd Place:  Caroline Corbitt. Valdosta, Ga. Golden Girls. Linocut.
3rd Place: Brandon Blane McMillan. Hahira, Ga. Sparklers. Mixed Media.

Digital Arts/Photography Category
1st Place:  Lauren Jenkins. Valdosta, Ga. Delusion. Photography.
2nd Place:  Sarah Beth Warrender. Valdosta, Ga. Downtown Horizon. Photography.
3rd Place:  Sally Turner Querin. Valdosta, Ga. See Me. Photography.

Sculpture/Ceramics/Jewelry/Crafts Category
1st Place:  Dave Richards. Valdosta, Ga. Emerging Desert Sun. Wood.
2nd Place:  Michael T. Schmidt. Hahira, Ga. Oil Can. Ceramics
3rd Place:  Parker Atkinson. Tallahassee, Fl. Felis. Cat Skull, Pearls, Ink.

Honorable Mentions
Andrea Thomas. Valdosta, Ga. Seared Into the Soul. Burned Wood.
Evelyn Davis-Walker. Hahira, Ga. Secret Identities. Encaustic Wax Mixed Media Collage.
Derek Schaper. Valdosta, Ga. Fauna. Wood, Cardboard, Felt, Foam.
Walter Altman. Valdosta, Ga. Honleur. Watercolor.
Brandon Blane McMillan. Hahira, Ga. Communion. Mixed Media.
Christine Flanagan. Live Oak, Fl. Out to Lunch. Colored Pencil.
Paul Consolini. Valdosta, Ga. Push On. Metal, Wood, Flora.
Lucille D. Sineath. Valdosta, Ga. Shadows of Blue. Oil.
Kristy Hughes. Valdosta, Ga. More Than That. Acrylic.
Glinda Pennock. McAlpin, Fl. La Fiesta. Colored Pencil.

Merit Awards
Brenda C. Anderson, Parker Atkinson, Philip Bagrow, Hollis Barnett, Cynthia W. Council, Harvie Ann Cox, Nancy S. Crombie, Lee Davis, Ellen Dewar, Billy A. Dykes, Kate Evans, Nancy Fazio, Karsyn Fletcher, Cathy Herring, Abigail Heuss, Walter Hobbs, Robert Johnston, J. Stephen Lahr, Earle McKey, Karin Murray, Gloria Paulsen, Regina Roper, Michael T. Schmidt, Ron Thomson, Justin Usher and Todd Wessel.

At the event, Colson Printing also selected 13 works from the exhibition to be featured in their 2019 calendar, a sought-after art calendar that will be available to the public this fall.

The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts appreciates the 95 sponsors that made the 2018 exhibition a success. These sponsors are proudly displayed at the center and at http://turnercenter.org/events-spring-into-art.

The exhibit is on display at the Turner Center until close of business on June 6. Participating artists, as well as individuals who have purchased art from the event, may pick up their pieces from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Thursday, June 7 and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on June 8, at the 527 N. Patterson street center. For more information, call 229-247-2787.